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1.There are many different opinions among people as a ...,some people suggest that... 关于......人们有不同的观点。一些人认为......

2.Today... which have brought a lot of harms in our daily life.First,...Second,...what makes things worse is that... 现在,... 它们给我们的生活带来了许多危害。首先...其次...最糟糕的是...

3.As far as ... is concerned 就...而言

4.It can be said with certainty that...可以肯定地说...

5.It has to be noticed that...必须注意到...

6.It’s generally recognized that... 普遍认为...

7.Nothing is more important than the fact that...没有什么比...更重要

8.There’s no denying the fact that...不可否认...

9.As the proverb says正如谚语所说

10.What’s far more important is that...更重要的是...


1.Similarly, we should pay attention to...同样,我们要注意

2.In this respect, we may as well (say )从这个角度上我们可以说

3.As has been mentioned above…正如上面所提到的…

4.In view of the present station鉴于目前形势

5.However,the difficulty lies in…然而,困难在于…

6.Further,we hold opinion that…此外,我们坚持认为,…

7.But it's a pity that…但遗憾的是…

8.As case in point is... 一个典型的例子是...

9.But the problem is not so simple.Therefore... 然而问题并非如此简单,所以...

10.For all that... 对于这一切...


1.Therefore, we have the reason to believe that...因此,我们有理由相信...

2.Therefore, in my opinion,it’s more advisable...因此,在我看来,更可取的是...

3.All things considered 总而言之

4.I will conclude by saying... 最后我要说...

5.From what had been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that... 通过以上结论,我们可以得出以下结论...

6.The data/statistics/figures lead us to the conclusion that...通过数据我们得到 的结论是...

7.It can be concluded from the discussion that...从中我们可以得出这样的结论...

8.From my point of view, it would be better if...在我看来...如果...也许更好


一,通知类 根据提示写一份举行隔周一次的英语晚会(every-other-week Enlish evening) 的书面通知。

提示:1.时间:11 月 24 日,周六晚上 7 点。2.地点:2 号教学楼的报告厅(lecture room)。3.内容:歌曲,朗诵(recitation),舞蹈,话剧等,还有美籍教师演讲。4.目的:提高学生英语听说能力。5.报名地点:办公室 203 室,学生会(Students’ Union).

注意:1.要点不得遗漏 2.符合书面通知的格式 3.词数为 100 左右。


In order to improve the students ’ listening and speaking ability, the every-other week English evening is to be held in the lecture room, No.2 Teaching Building , at 7:00 p.m. this Saturday, November 24th. Program includes songs, recitation, dances, plays and so on. And our English teacher from America is going to make a short speech about English study. Everyone is welcome . Those who would like to take part in it , please sign your names at the Students’ Union, Room 203,Office Building .

Students’ Union

二,书信类 假如你是学生李华,在家是独生子女,国家开放二孩政策后,你的父母想再生一个孩 子,征求你的意见。恰好你的美国笔友 Peter 来信询问我国的二孩政策。请你给他回 一封信。




征求 Peter 的看法。


  1. 词数 100 左右; 2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

  2. 开头语已为你写好,不计入字数。

Dear Peter,

I have received your letter and I’m glad to explain to you the two-child policy in China. The Chinese government recently plans to change the one-child policy into two-child policy, meaning that every family in China is allowed to have two children. Now my parents have made a decision to give birth to a second child, which worries me a great deal. Though it is good to have a brother or sister to grow up with, I have to share everything with him or her. Most importantly, what if the love from my parents is totally switched to the new child? As you have a younger sister, did you have similar problems? What’s your opinion about this? I am looking forward to your early reply.

Yours,Li Hua



内容 包括以下几点:1. 河水颜色发黑,并发出臭味。2. 水里没有鱼,也没人游泳。3. 污染原因是附近的工厂往河里排放工业废水。4. 大家应保护环境,减少污染

。 注意:1. 要符合日记的格式 2. 词数为 100 左右

September 16,2012,Sunday Cloudy

I went to the small city far away from village to buy some books this morning. What I saw there surprised me very much. There is a river in the city. The water in it is dark and smells terrible. It is polluted with chemical waste from factories. There are many small factories along the river. The worst one is the paper factory . It pours waste water into the river day and night. Fish can’t live in such a polluted river and neither can people swim in it. I wonder why people don’t care about our environment. We should do something to reduce pollution.

四:议论文 假如你是李华,你们学校就“感恩父母,从我做起”这一话题展开讨论。请你用英语 写一篇短文,谈谈为什么要感恩父母,你和父母之间发生的最难忘的事以及你的感受。 注意:词数为 100 左右

I think it's important for us to thank our parents. Since I was born, my parents have given me all their love and care, but never expect anything in return. They havebrought me up and taken good care of me carefully and patiently.

Last year, I was chosen to take part in a speech competition. I felt very nervous. My parents tried hard to help me prepare for it. They encouraged me to be confident and told me not to care much about the result. They said the process of learning was more meaningful.

With their help, I did very well that time. I felt happy and proud. I'd like to say “Thanks a lot! You're great! I will love you forever!” to mum and dad.

五,邀请信类 你是 Lucy, 写一封给老同学 Allen 的邀请信,邀请他参加下个星期日下午 4 点(12 月 23 日)的校友聚会。希望 Allen 尽快回信接受邀请,以便他们及时做好安排。

December 16,2012 Dear Allen,

We are having all classmates for dinner at 4 p.m. next Sunday(December 23) at the hotel. There will be a big reunion. Would it be possible for you to join in it at your convenience? I hope that you will feel it worth while to accept this invitation. We haven’t seen each other for a long time and we are all anxious to have you with us. We shall be very much pleased if we receive word of your acceptance in the near future , so that we can make good arrangements in time .

Yours, Lucy